Available Services

Allow Initiative Fitness to help you reach your goals!

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Workout with Payton

(online group class)

For those that want to workout at home, but don't have equipment at their disposal.

Personal Training

For clients in the general Phoenix, AZ area so that you may get the specialized attention you need.

Online Training

An option for anyone--wherever they are--who needs that extra motivation to feel like the healthier version of themselves.


Available for anyone who is having difficulty deciding whether or not Initiative Fitness is right for them.

What to Expect

Working with Initiative Fitness means that you are priority.

Personalized Attention

This is YOUR health, so you need your OWN personalized plan.

Functional Movement Screenings

Postural assessments and movement screens are key to a good workout program.

National Standards

NASM certified means that we are constantly learning new information and creative ways to help you.

Lifting Weights